Global Interfaith Peace

We are In-Between Islands

We are in-between islands.
Between their waters, spirit dishes a
life it bled.

And sun moves unkindly on the flesh.
The odor of empathy stains
the memory with a shape of
dead pledges.
They grow like spring grass,
those pledges of faith flocking
around the islands.

A Veteran of Love

All night long I glance
against the empty roof of love
glancing at me.
Be easy, nothing changes that you move
not even your heart.
That I have known like a century,
written on my heart’s envelope, sent
Will it die if it’s delivered?
It’s not love but pain that keeps the journey alive,
as if I know.
I call for love’s unity,
but the envelope’s dusted:
I am capable of delivering
my own alienation.”

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