Global Interfaith Peace


Charming justice is thwarted by its reversal.
I sat and spat
as the DA did
his best to indict me,
like a servant of proud simoniacal* courts.

His vocabulary was not so good:
“Pursuant to this case your honor, there’s some
facts, some background facts, which is that…”
I thought he might be looking
for subtleties.
He was happy, sated.
The fine take of serious, mystery crime
had perked up the judge’s attention:
There must be some dullness in him.
“What do you say to these charges?”
The judge asked me. Instantly I
thought of my visa surcharges, and
the sense he wants to to DA’s ship of
“Not guilty,” I retorted.
By his infected look, the judge proved
his preference for my final word.

*Simony is the crime of buying or seeling preferment in the church — or more broadly –
of trafficking in its authority in any way.”

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